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Dado Dolabella reveals that Wanessa adhered to cannabidiol: “she doesn’t take it out of the bag”

Dolabella Data 43, spoke on the Ticaracaticast podcast this Thursday (6) about the experience of Vanessa 41, with the cannabidiol . According to him, one day when the singer was in a lot of pain and there were no pharmacies open, she had to ignore the contrary opinions she had and take the substance.

“Wanessa was very prejudiced against cannabidiol. I have been using the oil for a long time due to cell recovery, because it is anti-inflammatory”, said the actor during the program.

“There was a day when we were in Alto Paraíso, in Goiás, it was around 11:30 pm and we went to bed. She started having a stomachache, writhing in pain. There was no pharmacy open”, reported Dado. According to him, the singer is afraid to try new medicines for fear of adverse reactions, which did not happen when she took cannabidiol oil.

“And I told her: baby, there’s only CBD here. And she said she wasn’t going to take it. Then there was a time when she couldn’t bear the pain, she took it and took two drops. And with less than two drops, it eliminated the pain,” said Dolabella. He concluded by saying that currently the singer does not “take the substance out of her bag”.

The actor has advocated the medicinal use of cannabidiol for years. In 2022, he organized a live broadcast with two lawyers and a doctor to discuss the importance of using the substance after the release of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) resolution that suspended its use.

Proud of her boyfriend, Wanessa praised Dado in a comment on the publication with the broadcast video. “For medicine for health and truth”, wrote the singer.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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