Daily Mail – Ukraine: Order from Russian commanders to rush women who hang white cloths home

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The Ukrainian authorities have reported from the first moment of it war in Ukraine that Russia is committing crimes against civilians and the Daily Mail claims that Russian commanders have ordered they are in a hurry as many women hang white cloths outside their houses.

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In more detail, the dailymail.co.uk states that according to British criminal lawyer Wayne Jordashwho is helping war crimes investigations in Kyiv, Russian commanders “encourage and order” troops to rape women in Russian-occupied cities in Ukraine throughout the war.

As he explains, in some areas around Kyiv there are indications that sexual violence perpetrated by Russian troops shows a level of organization and planning on a more systematic level.

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The “systematic” nature of sexual violence perpetrated by Russian troops provides yet more evidence that Vladimir Putin’s commanders and soldiers have been using rape as a weapon of war in the nine months since the barbaric invasion began.

Systematic campaigns of mass rape in war use forced pregnancy as a tool for ethnic cleansing and to inflict psychological trauma on a generation of people. Children born as a result of this wartime rape are often stigmatized as they become a “living reminder of the conflict”, academics say.

Kyiv has said it is reviewing tens of thousands of reports as part of its investigations into alleged war crimes by Russian military personnel. Sexual violence represents only a small part of these.

Source: News Beast

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