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Damage to dozens of houses in an attack by Ukraine in Belgorod, Russia

A power line and more than two dozen houses were damaged in a new Ukrainian attack on the city of Belgorod overnight, in response to which 25 rockets were shot down in the area, regional governor Vysislav Gladkov said via Telegram. According to the official, “there is only one casualty, a woman who was injured by shrapnel in the spine.” Mr. Gladkov clarified that 24 houses and a power line were damaged. Russian air defenses destroyed 25 missiles fired by a Czechoslovak-designed RM-70 Vampire multiple rocket launch system (MLRS), the Russian Defense Ministry said, also via Telegram. Just a stone's throw from the border with Ukraine, the city of Belgorod and the region of the same name have recently been subjected to increasingly frequent and, according to Russian authorities, more deadly Ukrainian attacks, mainly by one-way drones. Kiev says it is in retaliation for virtually daily Russian bombing of Ukrainian cities over the past two-plus years. Fifteen people were killed […]
Source: News Beast

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