Damn TikTok with two rescuers dancing in an ambulance

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Damn it has been done in TikTok with two nurses-rescuers who were videotaped dancing to the sounds of Rod Stewart’s “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy” in their ambulance. Numerous comments after the viral video as their country faces a rapid rise in deaths and cases due to coronavirus.

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Chris Pullar, from West Sussex, and an NHS colleague record turning their hips but macaroni in the back ambulance in the video, which has since garnered more than 1.3 million views.

The snapshot, taken on December 15, shows the couple in uniform dancing to the famous song, with their hands placed behind their heads.

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At the height of the 2020 pandemic, Pullar worked with T9 Ambulance Service Limited as an emergency response guide through the Health and Transportation Services Group (HATS) – and continued to make videos during this time.

Lots of negative comments on TikTok

The former firefighter, who listens to the username @landrovermedic, wrote a sth caption on the video “Why not eh?” years.

One viewer who was not impressed said, “If you had not made this video, my grandmother would still be alive.”

Another said, “Shouldn’t you save lives?”

Another added: “And they claim to be overworked and exhausted.”

Chris’s TikTok page has 184,000 followers and regularly posts videos using the hashtag #emt – or emergency technician.

Many users were upset by the rescuer’s posts while others praised them for “having fun” and showing their “human side”.

One said, “I’m glad to see you guys having fun at work.”

Another added: “I wish all the nurses looked like these two!”

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