«Dance with me», from the Diodato-Bolle couple to Vasco Rossi, the moments to be reviewed

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The format has not changed compared to four years ago, when Rai, for the first time, decided to entrust the debut of its schedule to Roberto Bolle. Dance with me is the variety conducted with elegance and incredible commitment by the étoile della Scala. Which, four editions later, seems to have kept his will of mind intact.

Roberto Bolle, which on January 1st, as is by now tradition, inaugurated the programming of RaiUno with his own Dance with me, has been able to reconfirm what the past years have taught us.

A beautiful television, where lightness does not lead to the suppression of depth, but rather is its emphatic companion, is still possible. And the rehearsal, last night, took place there, in the space of the Ansaldo Laboratory, where the fourth edition of Dance with me. Also very good Miriam Leone co-host of Dance with Me 2021 which moved lightly and gracefully throughout the evening .

An evening that Bolle opened together with Vasco Rossi, after convincing him to return to television fifteen years after his last media appearance. The rocker from Zocca premiered A love song thrown away, which “had to be released in 2021, the year of rebirth”. “Don’t let a stupid story, a drunken night, a single lie” ruin every magic, throw it away, sang Vasco Rossi, whose words, “in the astral, unique and auspicious combination” of dance and music, have accompanied the audience on an evening that offered more and less successful moments.

If Fabio Caressa, in his acting interpretation, did not convince much, Diodato and Bolle, newbies James Bond, they created a more than engaging show. Together, they jumped from a skyscraper, walked around 007’s Aston Martin, used parachutes, words and footsteps. Then, later, they found the same synergy on the notes of Sweet Dreams. Diodato, hanging from a cardboard Moon, sang with rare skill, slightly preceding the Bolle’s monologue on the importance of art. “Art has the power to elevate our spirits,” said the dancer, before Queen’s music took over and the curtain fell on the show’s fourth edition, in which Michelle Hunziker managed to bring, and without rhetoric, the theme of violence against women. The show, on the first day of the year, was the most viewed of the evening, with a 17% share and almost four million viewers, one more than the total of Canale 5 with A 5-star Christmas (and one less than made by Dance with me last year).

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