Dancing with the stars 2021: Arisa’s sexiest turning point

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From whichever side you look at it, whatever the dance or the song, there is a common thread in the participation of Arisa a Dancing with the Stars 2021: it is sensuality. It is deliberately accentuated at every performance and pleases the public who now see the singer and Vito Coppola among the favorites at least for the arrival at the final. This Saturday night saw them perform to the tune of Madonna, Vogue, starting with a clip where they were together in a bathtub covered in foam.

The judges appreciated the performance, but above all commented on the couple. “We see you very well, maybe you will tell us something,” said Roberta Bruzzone. Alessandra Mussolini did not hold back: «Crazy sensuality between the two in the tub. You were spectacular! ». Idem Alessandro Canino cannot help himself: «Arisa this is your first erotic film directed by Milly Carlucci!».

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Before the performance, it was the clip that always tells the week that gave even more space to the inferences and hypotheses of a story between Arisa and Vito Coppola. “For me Vito’s body is home,” said the singer who becomes more and more a dancer week by week.

A test awaits them next week for which Arisa has already said she will reveal something about herself. It is a necessary step to create even more alchemy with Vito. In one of the performances there has already been a kiss, probably on stage, the clips, however, tell of a relationship under construction, of spaces to be defined. The singer seems to escape from her dance partner, but she is certainly working on herself, starting from an awareness and acceptance of her body that was missing.

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