Dancing with the Stars 2022: the expulsion of Montesano and the ugly figure of Rai

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We know how fundamental the cast is for the success of a talent and a reality show, but it would be the case that the television productions do not exaggerate with the search for the character Sui generis at all costs, because it is clear to everyone that certain names can represent a double-edged sword. For sure they noticed a Dancing with the Stars, that in September he thought (badly) to gamble everything and for everything by enlisting Enrico Montesanoan actor with a long career, of course, but also one of the biggest objectors to vaccines and one of the most fierce suspicious of Covid. Since we weren’t born yesterday and timing is crucial in some cases, it’s clear that Dancing with the Stars has focused precisely on Montesano for this edition because he hoped to mix up the cards and generate debate.

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Montesano, for its part, a Dancing has cleverly chosen to keep a low profile live, even if it was the evidence that betrayed him, given that Judge Selvaggia Lucarelli pointed out on social media what the production has shamefully ignored, namely that the actor on the track was wearing an X Mas t-shirta special unit of the Italian Royal Navy that fought alongside the Nazis, as well as a neo-fascist symbol. Rai’s reaction was immediate and, as often happens to Big Brother Vipwas quick to dissociate from the competitor even though it was clear from the beginning that the latter had been chosen for this very reason: to create a small case that would have led to inflating ratings and growing interest in the program. It is a mechanism, this of the controversial characters recruited by television, which is starting to tire us a bit, given that the script repeats itself on the net on the net and program in the program always in the same way, with the productions that make false cards to enlist. certain characters only to dissociate immediately to save face.

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To the Big Brother Vip it happened several times – with Alda D’Eusanio, with Elenoire Ferruzzi -, and it is a pity that the same fate also befallen Dancing with the Stars who, on this tour, could very well keep away from Montesano considering the solidity of a cast that Milly Carlucci has chosen with care and love for over a year. In short, the problem is always the same: it’s too convenient to sign the character you already know he’s going to discuss and then throw him out at the first public slip. A slip that was clearly in the air, but that the program deliberately chose not to see for the sake of the show and a few more share points. The lesson we hope for Dancing with the Stars learn is that it would be appropriate to stop summoning the difficult name to control for the sole purpose of creating hype, because the result can be barbine figures like this that do no honor to anyone.


This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

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