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Dani Calabresa reveals that she accepted R$300 to host a comedy show

The comedian Dani Calabresa 42, revealed how much he earned to start presenting the program “Quinta Categoria”, on MTV Brasil, in 2008. During his participation in the “Face to Face with Blogueirinha ” on Monday (8), the comedian said that she signed a contract to earn R$300 to participate in the comedy program. At the time, she was at the beginning of her career.

“I auditioned for MTV three times,” he reveals during the interview. “I was already signing the contract to earn R$300, but then I said, ‘I passed!’” he adds. Currently, this amount is equivalent to R$851.49, when adjusted for inflation. “I chose MTV because of the pleasure of working on something that really moved me,” he says.

The comedian explained that, despite the low salary, she chose to work at MTV Brasil even when she was invited to act in other programs, such as “Pânico na TV”, at the time on Rede TV!, and “Zorra Total”, on Globo.

“I was happy with these two opportunities, but I went to audition at MTV and it was with Cazé [Peçanha] and the [Marcos] Mion, they were the ones who presented the program, and I liked it so much. I saw myself there, I identified with it so much that, even for little money (…) I said: ‘I’m going to stay!’”, he declared.

See the following excerpt from the interview:

Source: CNN Brasil

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