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Dania Mendez leaves the BBB 23 house after being the victim of sexual harassment at a party

After spending approximately 48 hours on Big Brother Brasil 23, Mexican actress and model Dania Mendez left the show’s home, at Estúdios Globo, in Rio de Janeiro. The participant, who was in Brazil on a kind of exchange with the Mexican program “La Casa de Los Famosos”, was the center of two alleged cases of sexual harassment on the program. Fans pointed out and images showed that participants MC Guimê and Antônio Cara de Sapato inappropriately tried to make physical contact with the model. They were expelled from the reality show on Thursday night (16).

Earlier this Friday afternoon (17), the Mexican participant said goodbye to her Brazilian colleagues, as announced on the official website of BBB 23. She returned to Mexico’s reality.

“Thank you all. You are beautiful beings, let all this stay in the game, let all the problems and all the fights stay here, because we have a beautiful life out there”, said Dania, before hugging everyone.

“Let it stay here. Take the best of each person, the most beautiful. The bad is here. And may the best man win. Enjoy it here. I will continue with my program with my other family. I have a new Brazilian family. I am very happy”, concluded the Mexican.

sequence of events

On Thursday night, presenter Tadeu Schmidt went live on the program and began his speech by explaining that participants “contradicted the house rules”. A little earlier, the broadcaster showed images of moments from the party of the leader of the week MC Guimê, which started on Wednesday night (15) and lasted until Thursday morning. It was at this party that the harassment took place and the scenes were shown to viewers before the moment of expulsion.

At a certain point in the party, the singer, MC Guimê, had his hands on the Mexican’s back and slid them down. The actress took her hands away from him in disapproval. At another time at the party, he again tried to repeat the movement and was once again stopped by the actress.

Other situations passed by Dania were with fighter Antônio Cara de Sapato. In the first, standing, he wraps one of his arms around her neck, hugs her and kisses her mouth forcibly. At another moment, when she was lying on a bed, he tries to immobilize her to kiss her again. He even covers her with a duvet. Dania had no aggressive reaction in either situation. She pointed out, however, that she did not consent to the acts and at various times said “no”.

After the party, throughout Thursday, fans of the program took to social media to ask for the expulsion of participants. The hashtag “EXPULSA OS DOIS BBB” spread across Twitter and became one of the most commented subjects.

Also on Thursday afternoon, the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro opened an inquiry to investigate alleged sexual harassment inside the Big Brother Brasil house.

The decision by the Jacarepaguá Women’s Police Station (Deam) comes after images from the reality show show two participants having physical contact with Mexican actress and model Dania Mendez during a party held on Wednesday night (15). Dania visits Brazil in a kind of exchange program with the Mexican program La Casa de Los Famosos.

Source: CNN Brasil

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