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Daniel Bisogno reappears on networks with an emotional message after being hospitalized

In recent days, Pati Chapoy announced on her program windowing that the driver Daniel Bisogno was hospitalized in an emergency after having suffered a liver disease and undergoing surgery, which led him to be under observation in intensive care. After that, the host assured that the worst was over and that the presenter was already at her house recovering.

Recently, Daniel Bisogno used his account instagram to show signs of being much better and share one of his main motivations to fight for his life: his six-year-old daughter Michaela.

Daniel Bisogno with his daughter Michaela on the set of windowing

Through an image of his daughter accompanied by the song Celebrate lifefrom Axel, the driver described that the guardian angel who accompanied him through the difficult moments was the love of his beloved daughter.

My guardian angel, my sweet company, who does not forsake me day or night, a very important part for which I managed to save my life! Thanks my love! Thank you, my Michaela.

photo of Michaela daughter of Daniel Bisogno

In this way, he let his followers and friends know that he is in better health and several of his friends from the media spoke out in said publication, including the host and his ex-girlfriend Andrea Escalona, ​​his colleagues from windowing Linet Puente and Mónica Castañeda, as well as other celebrities such as Raúl Araiza, Álvaro Bautista.

On the other hand, according to Pati Chapoy, the driver is expected to return to the program next week, since the liver disease that Bisogno went through was due to the fact that some varicose veins in his esophagus burst, for which they had to intervene to glue them and prevent others from bursting as well.

Daniel Bisogno with coat and tie crossed arms

Everything seems to indicate that, fortunately, the communicator is out of danger and may return to the set of the program in the middle of next week.

Source: Okchicas

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