Daniela Filomeno indicates the destinations that promise to be a trend in 2022

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Little by little, the world reopens its borders and reveals to us once again the unique opportunities to travel. With protocols and responsibilities, we travelers were able to get a taste of traveling again incredible destinations inside and outside Brazil in 2021.

Now, the new year knocks at the door and promises new discoveries along the way. be in paradise beaches in the northeast, US southern canyons or even in international destinations, like Portugal e Qatar, I bet that 2022 will be a prosperous year in tourism, culture and gastronomy.

THE ecotourism, as outdoor activities it’s the boom of national travels, have been talked about a lot in recent times, will continue to be part of our journey. With that, we will be able to unveil the cultural and tourist wonders that each place reserves for us.

And how about getting to know some of the national and international destinations that will possibly be a trend this year? Embark on these bets with me and plan your next trip, always bearing in mind the precautions for the pandemic and all local responsibilities.

national destinations

Alter do Floor (PA)

It is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in Brazil. Bathed by the waters of the Tapajos River and surrounded by the green of the Amazon rainforest, Alter do Chão is one of the districts of the city of Santarém, in Pará.

Already famous among up-to-date traveler profiles, the fate has everything to be bet this yearAttractions: cozy riverside communities, food full of unique spices and flavors, and white sand beaches along the river.

You can get there from the paved road from Santarém, where you can find beaches, lakes, forest, igapós, bars and the traditional Carimbó rhythm. There is not much luxury here – like resorts, hotels or restaurants full of refinements –, but being in Alter is to disconnect from the rush of everyday life and enjoy the best that nature has to offer.

Chapada Diamantina (BA)

It is one of the most spectacular nature trails in Brazil. With its waterfalls, caves, mountains, trails and revitalizing baths in its waters, the Bahian destination is ideal for those who, like me, love the ecotourism and adventure – in addition to carrying an esoteric and mystical aura.

Elevated to the category of national park, the great mountain region covers approximately 42 thousand km² and 24 municipalities, with Lençóis being the most famous base of entry to Chapada, approximately 430 km from Salvador.

It is in this small town, with almost 12 thousand inhabitants, that there is a good hotel structure and tasty restaurants with local traditions. THE Pai Inácio Hill it is a regional icon, a must-see in the mountains that demonstrates that, from above, Chapada seems to have no end.

Praia Patacho (AL)

About two hours from Maceio, Praia do Patacho, in the municipality of Porto das Pedras, in Alagoas, is one of those places that impress with their beauty. Stunning, the beach, which is close to Saint Michael of Miracles, has crystal clear waters, coconut trees that line the coast and charming inns, such as the boutique hotel Pedras do Patacho.

It is ideal for stretching your yoke and enjoying a well-deserved rest, as it is almost deserted, without much activity or bars and restaurants. The tip is to also take advantage of any natural pools, which are formed by the ebb and flow of the tide.

The beach is reached through the city of Porto das Pedras and also by road via São Miguel dos Milagres, where one of the Brazilian paradises still (almost) untouched awaits.

Southern Canyons

THE South America’s largest set of canyons is in Brazil, more precisely between the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. Cambará do Sul (RS) and Praia Grande (SC) are the cities that serve as gateways to the parks with the huge gorges. The feeling we find in common here is one of enchantment.

Landscapes that are lost on the horizon, valleys up to a thousand meters high, photogenic waterfalls, mild temperatures and a lot of contact with nature are some of the attractions of the region.

Both Praia Grande, at the base of the canyons, and Cambará do Sul, at the top, hold special activities for visitors, such as balloon rides and mushroom picking. cozy inns and exquisite in the midst of the local cold, invite us to relax and enjoy a wine by the fireplace.

It is a region defined by opposites that complement each other: nature is raw and wild and at the same time welcoming and fascinating. Cambará do Sul is the main city for exploring the canyons and is located about 190 km from the capital. Porto Alegre. It is an ideal destination for contemplation and adventure tourism.

Barra Grande (PI)

In Piauí, the village has become a coveted destination for those looking for stunning landscapes, natural beauty, nature walks and extreme sports in the wind, such as kitesurfing.

Belonging to the municipality of Cajueiro da Praia, big bar it has established itself as one of the most beautiful – and most popular – spots in the country to also spend the New Year’s Eve.

In addition to us, Brazilians, the destination is quite frequented by Europeans, who have fallen in love with the calm beaches, constant winds and coconut groves as far as the eye can see. Inns, hotels and boutique resorts are some of the accommodations around here. Fresh fish and seafood from local fishermen in airy restaurants and often “down to earth” satisfy the most refined palates.

international destinations


The proximity to our language, the rich artistic, social and gastronomic culture and the diversity of beautiful landscapes make Portugal be an ideal international destination to be visited by us Brazilians.

The European country has reopened its borders since September 2021 and already presents us with new developments, such as the museum complex, restaurants, bars, shops and school World of Wine, space on the south bank of the Douro River facing the city of Porto that celebrates the country’s wine, culture and history.

in addition to Lisboa, the capital of Portugal that has good gastronomic addresses and places full of history, the Vinho Verde region is a delight for the eyes and taste. Like me, wine tourism enthusiasts will find a real adventure here: this northwestern part of the country has breathtaking landscapes, a good hotel structure and historical records.

Importantly, another location can also be on our radar: I’m talking about Alentejo, biggest region of Portugal and who joined the “gold list” than visit this year by publication Condé Nast Traveler. Alentejo has small hotels, surfer’s camps and villages full of craft shops, markets and very bohemian bars. The natural beauties of the Costa Vicentina National Park are great to be contemplated with its wild coastline, icy waters and a beautiful sunset.


A peninsular Arab country of about 2.8 million inhabitants, Qatar is known for its wealth, large skyscrapers and desert. It made headlines by choosing the headquarters of the Soccer World Cup in 2022, a fact that can help open even more the doors for the Middle East.

The colossal buildings, human engineering and the sophisticated subway system, in addition to refined local cuisines and five-star hotels, make Doha be compared to a city of the future. The capital of Qatar, and perhaps the most famous city in the country, can be a good start to discover the region.

Doha Bay has enchanting and beyond photogenic scenery, as well as the Museum of Islamic Art, built on an artificial island, houses a very important collection of artifacts from all over the Islamic world. Souq Waqif, on the other hand, is like the traditional market, where merchants sell handicrafts, spices and clothing.

With its borders open to vaccinated Brazilians and much of the world, the country hopes to receive its visitors very well with the start of the World Cup in November.


The European country offers an incomparable gastronomic and cultural effervescence. At the end of 2021, the capital Madrid were one of the most sought after destinations by Brazilians to spend the end of the year. And everything indicates that 2022 will also be a good period to visit the country of Iberian Peninsula.

Do you want excitement and unique cuisine? go to Barcelona. Do you want a happy medium between Madrid and Barcelona? try Zaragoza, known as the “City of Four Cultures”. Looking for enchanting and idyllic beaches? your destiny is Mallorca, second largest island in the country.

In addition to these special destinations, other places in the country entered international rankings for 2022. This is the case of Grenada, in Andalusia, which was classified by the National Geographic as a good destination to be visited this year with the family. The city in the south of Spain it has medieval architecture from the Moorish occupation and interestingly balances architectural gems from the Renaissance and the 19th century.

City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, on the south-east coast, was highlighted by CNN Travel as one of the destinations to visit in 2022, as it was elected Design Capital of the World this year and has a futuristic complex with a planetarium, science museum and the largest aquarium in Europe. Birthplace of paella, it’s not hard to find the iconic dish on sale everywhere.


The reopening of the borders of France it has made its historical and cultural riches rediscovered by us foreigners as well. With a memorable past and a modern present that honors its traditions, France is always an incredible country to taste.

Starting with the most obvious, Paris guards museums, monuments, shops and trendy restaurants. Cidade Luz has well-known routes, but the coolest thing is to reserve at least one day to get lost in its charming streets and have coffee at tables on the sidewalk.

Not southwest, Bordeaux delights everyone with its vineyards – where do the best wines in the world – and also by the big city on the Garonne river which reserves us art, culture and typical mouth-watering brasseries – smell French fries and steak tartare in the air.

In the southeast, the third largest city in France is also notable: Lyon is known for its academic life, gastronomy and historical and cultural landmarks, some of them even classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

For this year, the CNN Travel elected the commune of Dijon as one of the destinations to be visited in the world. Capital of the Burgundy region, the commune is also a wine producer, with itineraries around food production and fairs, in addition to typical buildings ranging from Gothic to Art Deco.


It may sound like a cliché, but the U.S are always on the Brazilians’ radar for the next trip. After a long period of closed borders, the North American country reopened its territory to tourists on November 8, 2021, which caused an increase in the demand for flights from Brazil.

Even destinations that are already more popular among us, such as Orlando, Miami Where Nova York (the latter had an increase in the search for tickets towards the end of 2021), visiting the United States is always a pleasant surprise. From the east to the west coast, the “land of Uncle Sam” reserves spectacular scenery, large urban centers, charming towns, as well as beaches, mountains, bustle and tranquility.

With its cultural part and skyscrapers, Chicago, Illinois, is a destination bet for 2022. According to the list in CNN Travel of the unmissable places to visit this year, Tulsa, Okla., stands out with the opening of the Bob Dylan Center, which will house more than 100,000 items created and owned by the artist over seven decades, and for its outdoor areas with tours and outdoor programs.

Another destination worth visiting, depending on the vehicle, is the Yellowstone national park, which this year celebrates its 150th anniversary – the oldest national park in the world. It comprises three states – Wyoming, Montana, Idaho – and has natural wonders such as geysers and hot springs, in addition to an abundant fauna, including bears, wolves, bison and moose. The park plans to celebrate the anniversary with a range of activities and attractions throughout the year.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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