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Daniela Parra celebrates the results of the march and issues a warning

On May 24, the march called by Daniela Parra to demand justice in the case of her father Héctor “N” was held. The actor’s daughter was very satisfied with all the people who came to the call.

On one of the occasions that she spoke to the gathered media, the young woman reported that she had noticed the presence of suspicious trucks around her house, for which she made an important statement.

people walk with a blanket in front in a demonstration through the streets

By marching through the streets of Mexico City, hundreds of people showed their support for Daniela and her father Héctor “N”, but there were also protesters who took advantage of this moment to demand that justice be done in the cases of their relatives, since who also affirm that they are victims of alleged fabrication of crimes. In her meeting with the media, Daniela spoke of how historic this event turned out to be.

I want to infinitely thank each and every one of the people present for continuing to fight with me, for fighting for their families, because the fight was not only for my father, but for all the people who were imprisoned. I want to thank everyone who was there, everyone who was on the line, we made history, we marched against false complaints.

On the other hand, the young Mexican assured that the people met because they know the corruption that exists in the country, since she said that there are alleged expert reports, where, apparently, crimes are fabricated. In addition, she took advantage of the microphones of windowing to name the people you hold responsible if something bad happens to you.

Pickup trucks have been around my house. So I hold anyone on the other side responsible if something happens to me. I don’t want to say that they are threatening me or anything, I just want to hold Sergio Mayer (signed for alleged influence peddling), Felipe Nájera (director of the Alexa Hoffman documentary), Ginny Hoffman and Olivia Rubio (lawyer) responsible if it happens to me something.

Sergio Mayer with a pensive look wears a blue suit and a cherry tie

Finally, on May 25, the hearing will be held to determine the legal status of the actor Héctor “N”. On his part, his daughter Daniela has mentioned on different occasions that she hopes that justice will be done in this case.

Source: Okchicas

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