Danna Paola suffers an accident during her concert and ends up with her head bandaged

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Apparently, Danna Paola is going through a bad streak personally, because after all the obstacles she faced to get her tour ready XT4S1Snow he had a strange accident on stage, which caused him to finish his presentation with his head bandaged.

However, Danna demonstrated her professionalism by only stopping the concert for a few minutes while medical personnel attended to the wound on her forehead, and then resumed her Show.

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singer performing a song on stage dressed in a silver outfit and surrounded by dancers in black outfits

The singer had this mishap in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, where, it seems, she was choreographing one of her songs when she accidentally hit her forehead with one of her knees.

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girl is lying on a stretcher while medical personnel attend to a wound on her forehead

I had an accident, serious. I literally opened my eyebrow, it’s not a joke, I don’t know if those in the first row saw it, but I’m fine. I swear, this is already like a soap opera. The drama of my life, some drama had to have the ‘tour’, friends, more drama.

the star of Dare to dream She was visibly dismayed, because we cannot forget that a little less than a month ago, she opened up to the public by confessing that she was dealing with a strong anxiety problem. Let’s hope this incident doesn’t have a negative impact on her mood.

singer Danna Paola with a bandage on her head performing one of her hits

I’m going to tell you what happened. When I went back, I think I hit my knee or something and my eye started to swell, okay. I stopped watching, but I continued. Then Emiliano and I began to tell me, ‘shit, I mean, this is literally gigantic.’ I have a ball here, but it doesn’t matter, let’s continue.

Mexican star Danna Paola with a white bandage on her head and a smile

During the concert, the interpreter of With you showed his strength and courage when he assured the fans that packed the Telmex Auditorium that even with everything that was happening she would not leave the stage, since she was determined to complete her Show.

After everything I’ve been through tonight, after everything I’ve been through these months, I’m not going to leave this stage until it’s over.

Source: Okchicas

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