Danna Paola uncovers the case of an Exactor from ‘Accomplices to the Rescue’ is accused of alleged human trafficking

Danna Paola uncovers the case of an Exactor from ‘Accomplices to the Rescue’ is accused of alleged human trafficking

During one of her concerts in February, the singer and actress Danna Paola announced the disappearance of Ana Victoria Ruiz Palacios after taking the victim’s daughter on stage. Once the girl told her what had happened, the artist aired the situation to request the support of the assistants and pressure them to find the whereabouts of the woman.

Now it has been reported that the investigation suggests that one of Televisa’s 90s child actors is involved in the case, as a possible member of a criminal gang dedicated to white slavery.

This is Miguel “Mickey” Santana, who was the girl’s sentimental partner and is known for his participation in children’s soap operas such as Sidekicks to the rescue, Friends forever, A light on the road, will we ever have wingsamong other series and television productions.

According to the information, the victim identified as Ana Victoria Ruiz Palacios left her home in Jalisco on April 12, 2022 to meet her sentimental partner in Mexico City. The last time her relatives had contact with her was when she arrived at the airport in the country’s capital and told them that Mickey had picked her up. In addition, she told them that she would give him an engagement ring and together they would spend a few days on vacation.

However, the situation began to get weird when Ana stopped having communication with her parents and, through text messages, she made excuses not to talk to her daughter, which is why her parents were alarmed. Later they recalled that at a certain point, Ana confessed to them that Miguel had asked her not to tell anyone that she was going to meet him, something that caught the attention of her parents and they decided to file a complaint with the authorities.

This case has been added to the investigation of the disappearance of other women, so everything points to the fact that the authorities could find themselves facing a possible network of human trafficking, as mentioned by the family lawyer Ruiz Palacios.

We have identified the defendant and the gang of people who are dedicated to doing this. It is a gang, apparently, of trafficking that operates in the state of Jalisco and has a tract between the state of Jalisco, the State of Mexico and Mexico City. In addition, it is not the first complaint and it is related to criminal gangs that operate in this regard.

Although some details of the case have not been made public, it was mentioned that the geolocation of Ana’s cell phone indicates that she spent the night at the actor’s house. In addition, there are text conversations that “have led to the conclusion of the probable participation of the actor in the disappearance of Ana Victoria.”

One of the things that has attracted the most attention is that Mickey has deactivated all his social networks and even canceled his phone number. In addition to this, they do not know where he is currently, because in 2022 he gave up a play.

In this way, the investigations indicate the alleged participation of the actor in the disappearance of Ana and it is expected that he will soon find her whereabouts and that she will be found safe and sound.

Source: Okchicas