Danny de Vito on abortion ban in US: “Supreme Court” – Anger in Hollywood over ruling

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The decision of the Supreme Court of USA to ban abortions, in addition to his rage Joe Biden and millions of Americans, provoked reactions in Hollywood as well. The message of the actor is indicative Danny de Vito, who wrote on twitter “Supreme Court of Mr.”.

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The laconic post by Danny de Vito

For her part, Taylor Swift posted Michelle Obama’s statement on twitter. “I am absolutely terrified that we are here – that after so many decades of people fighting for women’s rights in their bodies, today’s decision has stripped us of it.”

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Mark Raffaello, the well-known “Hulk”, also made a post on twitter after the Supreme Court ruling that brings the United States back 50 years, stating: “This nation was founded with the distinction between church and state. The Supreme Court has now become illegal with the destruction of this discrimination and has become a political organ of the religious right. We must fight for the founding principles of our nation. “

Source: News Beast

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