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Davi and Mani: understand the crisis in the relationship after the end of BBB 24

Davi Brito and Mani Reggo face a crisis in their relationship since the Bahian left the confinement of BBB 24.

The Bahian became the champion of the latest edition of the reality show on Tuesday (16), after receiving 60.52%. He faced the couple Isabelle and Matteus in the final of the TV Globo program.

The confusion began on Wednesday (17), when Davi participated in the Mais Você program and had the traditional breakfast with presenter Ana Maria Braga. He mentioned that he was “getting to know” Mani, who he has been with for a year and six months.

“We are dating, we are in the acquaintance period, we are getting to know each other. I think everything has a determined time”, said the Bahian about his relationship with the 42-year-old entrepreneur.

The statement was in line with previous mentions that he had made to his partner, whom he called his wife in the BBB 24 house. Even after the controversial speech, Mani still identified herself as Davi's wife in the biography of his Instagram profile.

The topic heated up on social media and the winner of the reality show took to Instagram stories on Thursday (18) to try to calm things down and say that he had already met his wife.

“This situation is having repercussions on social media, talking about me and my girlfriend Mani. Dude, I've seen my girlfriend. I talked to her last night, we were there in the little room together.”

On Saturday (20), it was Mani's turn to use the social network to talk about the relationship. She stated that she found out about the “change in my relationship status through interviews”, removed the title “David’s wife” from her profile and stopped following Davi on Instagram.

Check out the entrepreneur's post:

Later, Davi went live on Instagram to comment on the case. In the video, the BBB 24 champion said he still loved Mani and classified the current situation as “a normal crisis that happens to everyone”.

The former BBB stated that the couple's problems are the result of his busy schedule after the program ended, but emphasized that he does not want to end it. “It just depends on Mani”, he said, asking not to be judged for being “a new boy” who is having to adapt to this new reality.

Davi has lost more than 400 thousand followers since Friday (19), when rumors intensified. The merchant, on the other hand, gained almost 3 million new fans on Instagram in the same period.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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