David and Victoria Beckham, thieves in action with family in the house

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Moments of fear at home Beckham. According to what was reported by the Sunsome thieves would have sneaked in a bedroom of the London villa of David And Victoriawhile they were downstairs with the baby Harper. At the moment it seems have not noticed anything: according to the reconstruction, in fact, the alarm was raised the son Cruz who realized what had happened by returning later an evening with friends.

“The police have confirmed that I am still investigations underway on the accident ”, which dates back to about one month ago. «The call came at 00.37 am Tuesday 1st Marcha report by burglary in the residential area of ​​Kensington. It is believed that it took place between 20.30 and 23.30 ». THE criminalstherefore, they would go into action in full dinner time: not late at night, nor exploiting the absence of the tenants.

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“The family remained very shaken from the episode, ”says a source. “It is said that the movie of security cameras monsters a masked man that climbs on gate and breaks in by forcing a window of the guest rooms“. Fortunately, none face to face with the Beckhams: «The thieves I’m run away from the same window taking with him some objects, of little economic or sentimental value “.

It is not clear if the thief was alone or in a group, nor whether it is the same band which in the last period he has targeted someone celebrity who reside in that neighborhood. What is certain is that the security of the dwelling was considered “very good”: on the other hand it is a majestic villa ad Holland Parkfour floors with nine rooms each, bought by David and Victoria in 2013 for 40 million pounds.

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The couple has not released commentsbut such an invasion of privacy is seriously threatened put in crisis the tranquility of the family.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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