The former head of the cryptoassets and cybercrimes enforcement division of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) denied rumors that he joined the team of the crypto project after leaving his senior post in the agency.

David Hirsch began his career at the SEC as a staff attorney. In 2022, he took over the post of head of the department of crypto-asset enforcement and cybersecurity, working in the department for a total of about nine years.

On June 14, the specialist left the SEC. A few days later, on June 17, the platform on the social network X joked that Hirsch had become the head of the trading department of and congratulated him on his new position.

“David has come to the conclusion that his job as a regulator is no longer enjoyable. He had to open a new chapter in his life. And what could be better than doing what you love? Believe it or not, David himself has launched over 100 coins. He’s a meme lord at heart, so David will now be in charge of Pump Dot Fun’s new sales department, which will produce over 1,000 coins a day!”

Even the team of the largest crypto exchange Binance believed this post, and they rushed to congratulate Hirsch on his new position. The exchange then deleted its publication. However, the former official was forced to justify that he did not join the team.

Last September, David Hirsch famously threatened market participants that the SEC would increase prosecution of crypto companies and decentralized finance (DeFi) projects that violate securities laws.