Davos site used to promote Russia becomes ‘Russian House of War Crimes’

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Russian House has been used to host Russian forum events for many years. A Ukrainian businessman working the event turned the venue into an exhibition depicting the devastation and destruction of the war in Ukraine.

Organized by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation and PinchukArtCentre, an international center for contemporary art based in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, “the exhibition aims to inform about key facts, share faces, names and dates and provide at least some of the victims with a platform to tell their stories. its real story,” the foundation said in a press release.

Björn Geldhof, curator of the exhibition, told CNN that the process of collecting and verifying the images took about a week and a half, collecting over 4,600 images showing “an overwhelming amount of evidence of war crimes”.

“An exhibition like this is one of the steps to raise awareness of the absolute need to bring war criminals to justice and this is not an exclusive task for Ukraine, it is a common task, it is a task for all countries in the world. say it can’t be,” Geldhof told CNN .

He added that this project is “about people” who have been attacked and killed.

“We need to honor them, we need to give them a voice, and we need to give them a face,” said the curator.

Russian politicians and businessmen were not invited to this year’s World Economic Forum after Russia invaded Ukraine.

“As Russia is not here, we had the opportunity to talk about Russia, but about a different reality from Russia, about the war crimes that Russia is committing in Ukraine,” said Geldhof, adding that “it is incredibly important to show the what Russia really is. doing in Ukraine, which is proactively and knowingly attacking civilians, killing, raping civilians in order to try to exterminate Ukraine as a nation.”


Source: CNN Brasil

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