Dayane Mello and the alleged rape on live TV: an investigation has been opened

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The story dates back to last September 18, but Italian television only started talking about it three weeks later, during the first episode of the new edition of Hyenas. A service has, in fact, reconstructed what happened in the reality show the farm, Brazilian program broadcast by the Record Tv channel which, among the competitors, also sees Dayane Mello, showgirl seen in several television programs of our house, from Dancing with the Stars a Beijing Express up to the last edition of Big Brother Vip. According to the reconstruction it seems that, on the night between 24 and 25 September, Dayane was harassed by another reality contest competitor, the singer Nego do Borel, that he would take advantage of the girl’s hangover to take advantage of her.

The images that would show what happened have been removed from the Record Tv website, although the audio seemed to clearly suggest that Mello did not like what was happening to her. During the night of September 18, do Borel, who has a criminal record behind him, he had tried a sexual approach with Dayane that the girl tried several times to reject while he, at one point, touched her breasts. A few days later, on the 25th, on the sidelines of a party, the man allegedly took advantage of the fact that Dayane was very drunk: “Just answer yes or no. Yup? OK then” Nego do Borel said while the other competitors had intervened understanding what was going to happen. “I have a daughter, I can’t. You understood?” Mello’s unheard answer.

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The next morning, the videos showed Nego do Borel retrieving a condom wrap from under the bed, while an author of the program asked Mello if he remembered what happened the previous night. Hence the start of a social campaign that called for the immediate expulsion of the singer and a letter of apology from the broadcaster for not intervening to stop what was happening to a person visibly unable to give his consent at that moment. On 25 September, Nego do Borel was expelled, while Dayane’s lawyers filed a complaint with the police that led to an investigation, still ongoing, for alleged rape.

Meanwhile, the singer defended himself by explaining that he had a consensual approach. The press office of the singer, in a note, wrote: “We are in favor of justice being done, but we ask to avoid trials without evidence or based on small clippings from the internet.” Before joining the reality show, Nego do Borel had already been accused of assaulting an ex-girlfriend and indicted for personal injury against another woman he had had an affair with. TODayane moment is still inside the farm and is not aware of everything that has happened outside: if she met her lawyer, she would be expelled from the program and forced to pay a hefty penalty. His legal representative, Izabella Borges, explained to Hyenas that the broadcaster that broadcasts the program is very “macho” and “patriarchal”, and such a questionable conduct of what happened was not so unpredictable. “They had no respect for the victim, they dealt with everything lightly. This can discourage women who have experienced similar cases from reporting ”.

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