Dayane Mello remains at the “Gf Vip” (and the roommates “offer” the victory)

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A large white lantern flew into the sky at dusk on Wednesday. Dayane Mello he watched her float, little tears on her face. “I can’t go to Brazil because then I won’t be able to go back,” she explained to the roommates, who were imprisoned with her in the Casa del Big Brother Vip. «What I had with Lucas», one of his nine brothers, «It was a different relationship from the one I have with Juliano. Lucas was a decent boy. He loved his friends and tried to play football. He was very puppy, our puppy.

As a child, we changed his diaper, ”said the model, whose younger brother died suddenly in Brazil, victim of a car accident.

“I’m sorry for my father, and also because I haven’t seen him for so many years. I had spoken to him before entering the House. Lucas liked to be among people, but he was shy, an introvert “, continued to tell Dayane Mello, who after receiving the news of his death left the House of the Gf Vip, to return there a few hours later. The roommates, then, proposed to the model to leave the game all together, giving the prize money by mutual agreement. But she didn’t want to hear reasons.

The showgirl explained to her colleagues that she wanted to finish what had started. ‘He died when he was still twenty-six. He had a girlfriend for a short time, he was experiencing a great love. Our father didn’t deserve it, he lost his mom 5 years ago. Lucas worked with him, he was his partner. He was coming home last night. He was the only son left close to our grandmother. Nobody deserves to die but Lucas was really a good person “, the memory of the showgirl.

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