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Dead bodies and human parts were found dumped in various parts of Mexico City

The mutilated and dismembered bodies of 12 people were found today dumped in seven locations throughout the metropolitan area of ​​Monterey, the city of of Mexicoin a wave of violence that has unsettled residents of the country’s industrial capital.

The gruesome findings evoke memories of the bloody period in the 2010s when cartel feuds dominated the city and dead bodies were found lying in the streets or hanging from bridges.

That brutality has largely subsided in Monterey, which was recently chosen as the site for Tesla’s new car factory.

Authorities said Tuesday’s events appear to be a coordinated attack and may have been sparked by an internal dispute within a criminal organization based in the state of Tamaulipas.

“From the messages found (near the bodies) there is some correlation,” said Pedro Jardon, the Nuevo Leon state prosecutor, in response to questions from reporters yesterday afternoon.

Source: News Beast

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