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Dead from the heat wave that hits the western US – Fires in California

More than 160 million people in the US live in areas under heat warnings as the country is hit by record temperatures that have killed many people in the West in recent days, according to local media. In the eastern and southern parts of the US the temperature is higher than normal, but the western part of the country is the one that is most affected by the extreme heat. In Las Vegas, Nevada, the highest temperature ever recorded was recorded on Sunday, 48.9° Celsius. The National Weather Service (NWS) expects high temperatures to persist across the West throughout this week. “The persistent record heat is extremely dangerous for those without access to some form of air conditioning,” the NWS warned Tuesday via X. Heat deaths have been reported across the region. For example, a motorcyclist died on Saturday in Death Valley, as on that day the mercury […]
Source: News Beast

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