Dead Gavin MacLeod, captain of “Love Boat”

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Gavin MacLeod, the captain in the white uniform, died at ninety, surrounded by the affection of his family. This was declared by his nephew, Mark See, explaining how the actor passed away on Saturday, at his home. MacLeod, who between 1977 and 1987 was Merrill Stubing in the 249 episodes of Love Boat, he’s gone to Palm Spring, California, where he’s been living on a permanent basis for the past few years – tired, perhaps, of being remembered solely for the tanned man from the TV show.

The actor, whose acting debut was wanted by Blake Edwards, he spent a decade wearing the uniform of a good captain: the solid smile with which, over time, he has managed to ensure the fictitious guests of his cruise ship a stay worthy of being remembered. Yet when he tried to reinvent himself in 1987, at the height of his popularity, few gave him a chance. MacLeod, to whom Captain Stubing brought fame and glory, found himself trapped in the mask he wanted to get rid of. And, for years to come, he was in the throes of a violent crisis, both professional and personal. From 2000 onwards, the actor has thus decided to forget his dreams of glory, regaining stability thanks to the Christian-evangelical faith, the same that accompanied him until the last day of his life.

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