Deadly floods: 93 dead in Germany – Large landslide in Cologne

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Germany is living an incredible tragedy, where at least 93 people have died from heavy rains and floods, according to the latest report.

Across Europe, a total of 108 people have lost their lives.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, one of the worst-hit areas, the death toll now stands at 43, up from 31 yesterday, according to local authorities.

Many people have died and others are missing after a landslide triggered by heavy rains this morning swept away homes in the Erstad-Blessem community near Cologne.

“Houses were swept away by the water and some collapsed. Many people are ignored “, according to a tweet from the community authorities in the Cologne region. A spokesman said there were also a large number of confirmed deaths.

Images from the site of the disaster show a giant crater where huge amounts of mud, muddy water and debris have accumulated, as broadcast by the French Agency and rebroadcast by the Athenian News Agency.

“Calls are coming from homes, but often help is not possible,” explained local authorities in the area, 40km from Cologne.

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