Dear fuel, the road haulage will be stopped from Monday 14 March

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Italian road haulage stops due to expensive fuel. Starting next Monday, March 14, the trucking companies will suspend their services nationwide for what they define as force majeure. Transport together it does not define it as a strike or even a specific claim, but an initiative aimed at coordinating demonstrations on the state of extreme necessity in the sector.

“The suspension of services has become inevitable”, according to a letter sent by Trasportiunito to the Prime Minister, the Minister and Deputy Minister of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility and the President of the Guarantee Commission in Strikes, “also to protect companies and prevent the exasperated market conditions, caused by the record rise in the price of fuels, from translating into advantages for other subjects in the transport sector, or into charges for contractual obligations that companies in the logistics chain I am no longer able to guarantee ».

The fear is that there is a lack of supplies in supermarkets: especially for perishable goods. This too is a consequence of the war in Ukraine. Conflict continually increases the cost of full tank, which had already been growing for months. The latest increase has brought petrol and even diesel around or even above 2 euros per liter. The cost of methane per car also goes up. The announcement of the US and UK embargo on Russian oil has pushed prices higher.

All energy, not just gas, has higher prices. The prices of food raw materials also increase, especially on cereals for the blocking of the activities of the Mariupol and Odessa ports. Corn is at its highest since 2013 and for wheat no similar values ​​have been seen since 2008. Russia and Ukraine cover a third of the world trade in wheat and almost 20% of that of maize and 80% of sunflower oil exports. .

There are products that may be missing in supermarkets, but all of them urge you to avoid alarmism. Even those who decide to limit sales as Unicoop Firenze did: «At the moment there is no risk of a lack of products in their supermarkets due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. However, in the light of several episodes of hoarding that occurred in points of sale by some commercial operators, the Cooperative has decided to put a limit on the purchase of 4 pieces per member card for sunflower oil, flour and sugar. Consumer products for daily use. A decision that aims to protect all shareholders and customers who shop at stores every day from any speculative risks ».

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Source: Vanity Fair

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