«Dear Italy, I am writing to you»: the president Sergio Mattarella special guest of Vanity Fair

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To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Republic and the great artistic and cultural heritage of Italy, Vanity Fair relies on the President Sergio Mattarella, portrayed exclusively on the cover by the great reporter Paolo Pellegrin and in a service that takes readers inside the monumental rooms of the Quirinal Palace in Rome. With an exclusive text written for the magazine on newsstands tomorrow, the President introduces an issue entirely dedicated to the cultural renaissance of our country.

«Culture is, by definition, plural», Writes the president in his letter from Colle.

«It is so in its articulations, in its inspirations and roots, in its expressions, in its manifestations. It consists of a dialogue that must be perpetually cultivated to re-establish the relationship between arts and society, institutions,
to make use of their contribution “. And it continues, with the tones of an appeal to all of us: «The beauty of Italy never fails to amaze us, both if we look to the past and if we turn our gaze to the present. We must ensure that the same is true of our future. This is why the restart puts the exaltation of our cultural resources and virtualities in the foreground ».

The President’s letter is accompanied by a photo report, also signed by Paolo Pellegrin, who takes us to the rooms of the Quirinale. We thus discover how the history of the Roman palace also dialogues with contemporary art and with the most famous pieces of Made in Italy design, as in a precious casket dedicated to the best that Italian talent and creativity have produced over the centuries.

The story continues with an author’s journey through images signed by another great name in international photography: Alex Majoli, that for Vanity Fair he returned to some of the places visited by Sergio Mattarella during his presidency: from the Sacro Monte di Varallo to Agrigento, through the memories of the great poets Dante and Leopardi and the wounds inflicted on the landscape of Amatrice by the earthquake. These are the stages of a journey aimed at demonstrating how history, culture and art represent – notes the President – “the driving force for balanced growth, the only one that guarantees cohesion, a sense of belonging to society, trust and respect”.

It is the preamble of the Grand Tour whose Vanity Fair dedicates the central part of this monographic issue. Cinema, theater, music, art, bookshops, festivals: the richness and vitality of the Italian cultural panorama is celebrated in an articulated framework of characters and stories that unfolds throughout all twenty regions of our country. «This journey in the“ treasure peninsula ”has nothing to do only with the attractiveness of the places», underlines the director Simone Marchetti, “But with the meaning of art and above all with the projects of the people who promote and protect it”.

There are no less than 35 “signatures” that have given life to this choral story. Just to name a few: the actors Stefano Accorsi and Antonio Rezza, rock songwriters Francesco Bianconi and Elisa, the art curators Ilaria Bonacossa and Caterina Riva, plus a large group of writers such as Chiara Gamberale, Paolo Cognetti, Fabio Genovesi, Silvia Ballestra, Michela Murgia and Donatella Di Pietrantonio.

Each article, then, is accompanied by a QR Code which takes readers on a further virtual journey with tourist guides dedicated to the cultural, food, hospitality and entertainment excellences of each region.

At the end of the issue, a Living section dedicated to addresses and suggestions so that even the readers of Vanity Fair can plan, for this summer, their very personal “Grand Tour” in our extraordinary country. Finally, this path will be completed and strengthened thanks to the involvement of TikTok and young talents who will make their creativity available to tell the beauties of every Italian region in a whole new way.

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