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Death in Cotia clinic: Police investigate possible death from drug cocktail

The death of Jarmo Celestino de Santana, 55, in a rehabilitation clinic for drug addicts in Cotia, in Greater São Paulo, remains under investigation by the civil police, who consider the possibility of drug abuse as the cause of death.

Documents obtained by CNN reveal that Jarmo may have been exposed to abuse of medications used to treat anxiety attacks and acute psychiatric conditions, in addition to having suffered aggression.

A report attached to the case shows a conversation between monitor Matheus De Camargo Pinto, 24, and a profile identified as “Danny grandma criminal”, in which Matheus sent a photo of medicines in a cup with the message: “Take this little danoninho”.

In his testimony, Matheus confirmed that “danoninho” is a term used in the clinic for a mixture of medications designed to “calm” inmates with aggressive behavior.

Crime scene and evidence

During the search of the clinic, the police found the place to be in good condition after the incident. However, in a closed room, they found the same container shown in the photo, although empty, as well as several packets of medication similar to those in the image. All of the material was seized for analysis.

Sources close to the investigation say Jarmo was tortured throughout the weekend. An autopsy report is awaited to determine the exact cause of death. In addition, a toxicology test has been requested to check for the presence and quantity of drugs in the victim’s blood.

PHOTOS – See images of the clinic

Source: CNN Brasil

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