Death on the altar of selfies: How the 33-year-old Belgian from Crete fell off the cliff

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Deaths on the altar of the most dangerous and best selfie it is now a scourge. Dozens of victims around the world are losing their lives trying to capture themselves hanging in the air. A 33-year-old Belgian origin from Crete, fell from 30 meters, until her death, after posing for a selfie on the edge of a cliff during a trip with her husband.

Zoe Snoeks slipped off a cliff near the village of Nadrin in Luxembourg province on Tuesday and landed on the Ourthe River, Newsflash reported, citing the public prosecutor’s office.

Her body was retrieved by a team of rescuers including police officers, firefighters, divers and members of the Dangerous Environment Recognition and Intervention Team.

The creepy find just unlocked his wife’s cell phone

Her husband, Joeri Janssen, whom she married in 2012, said they headed to the picturesque town on Sunday in their van.

“From the pandemic onwards, we decided to drive to Europe in our van and take beautiful photos,” he said. The couple, who traveled with Joy and Ivy’s dogs, had planned to return home to the province of Limburg on the day of the tragedy.

“We got up very early to take pictures of the landscape,” he told Newsflash, referring to a 4,600-foot rock face that rises almost perpendicularly over the Ourthe River. “It’s almost always foggy there. It is great for photos. We arrived before 9 in the morning. “

He said his wife was taking pictures on the edge of the cliff when he told me to watch out for dogs. «I turned to the dogs and told them to wait. When I got back to Zoe, she was no longer there. He had just disappeared. It must have happened in less than five seconds“, Said Janssen.

«I did not see or hear anything. No rustling, no screams or voices. I looked up and saw only dust“, he said. «I called her even though I knew it was in vain. The gap was several tens of meters deep.

“I immediately called the emergency services, but I had almost no network. “They did not understand me, even though I speak a little French,” he said, adding that he rushed to the nearby Le Belvedere hotel to ask for help.

“The rescue team could not immediately find my wife,” they said in French. “Then they told me that unfortunately Zoe was dead, also in French, but I immediately understood what they meant,” he continued.

«Taking photos was her passion. I immediately unlocked her phone and saw that she had taken a picture on the edge of the cliff. Her last selfie“, Said her husband.

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