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Death toll rises to 14 in Israeli operation in the West Bank

Israeli forces reportedly killed 14 Palestinians during an attack in the West Bank on Saturday, while an ambulance driver was killed while picking up wounded in a separate attack, Palestinian authorities said.

Israeli forces began a prolonged attack in the early hours of Friday (19) in the Nur Shams area, near the flashpoint Palestinian town of Tulkarm.

Israeli military vehicles gathered and bursts of gunfire were heard, while at least three drones were seen hovering over Nur Shams, an area housing refugees and their descendants from the 1948 war that accompanied the creation of the State of Israel.

The Tulkarm Brigades, which brings together forces from numerous Palestinian factions, said its fighters exchanged fire with Israeli forces this Saturday.

The West Bank is an area about 100 km long and 50 km wide that has been at the center of the conflict between Israel and Palestine since it was seized by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war.

The Gaza war has overshadowed ongoing violence in the territory, including regular army raids on militant groups, attacks by Jewish settlers on Palestinian villages and street attacks by Palestinians on Israelis.

Thousands of Palestinians have been arrested and hundreds have been killed during regular Israeli army and police operations since the start of the Gaza war, mostly members of armed groups, but also stone-throwing youths and uninvolved civilians.

Palestinian health officials said at least 14 Palestinians, two of whom were identified by Palestinian sources and officials as a gunman and a 16-year-old boy, were killed during the attack, one of the highest tolls in the West Bank in months. Another man was killed on Friday (19).

The Israeli military said several fighters were killed or arrested during the attack and that at least four soldiers were injured in exchanges of fire.

In a separate case, the Palestinian Health Ministry said a 50-year-old ambulance driver was killed by Israeli gunfire near the village of Al-Sawiya, south of the city of Nablus, as he was on his way to transport people injured during the attack on the village. .

It was not immediately clear whether he was shot by settlers. There was no immediate comment from the military.

Source: CNN Brasil

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