Deddy di Amici 20: “The importance of being fragile”

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Before entering the school of Friends, Dennis Rizzi, better known as Deddy, she sang in front of an audience only once: “I was at a wedding and, at one point, there was karaoke. I tried to sing a song, but I stopped in the middle because I was very panicked “says Deddy on the phone, looking with tenderness at the shy boy who was yesterday and at the record artist he has become today: immediately after the final of Friends, is among the highest positions in the ranking with The sky is in the wrong direction, his first Ep; sold out the first two Milanese dates of his live-tour scheduled for December, and is very busy in the instore that are allowing him to meet for the first time the fans who have always believed in him, in this tall and slim guy who he was convinced that the dream of becoming a singer was bigger than him.

As you are inside the blender in which it is finished immediately after Friends?
“It’s a pretty positive blender: all of this was very unexpected, but it’s super cool.”

Do you really think it was unexpected?
“Inside the program, I had no idea what I would find outside. In the evening we were closed in a bubble without having a direct confrontation with the public. I didn’t know how things were really going. “

Taking the measurements with the real world what was it like?
“Do you know what the strange thing is? That when I was in the program it seemed to me that I had not been home for 1800 days, and that when I went out and dad came to pick me up I felt like I hadn’t been home for just 3 days. 3 days in which my life changed ».

In 0 steps at one point he sings: “I divide moments of sunshine and put them in my pocket.” What do you feel you have in your pocket today?
“More awareness of myself, many goals and a great desire to achieve them”.

You have always had clear goals.
“They were very clear, but I had no expectations of making them. It was enough for me to chase them and I was happy anyway ».

Before Friends he had never sung in public except that half time at the wedding. What was blocking her?
«Not having studied, the fear of being out of tune. When it comes to what you really want to do in life, there are many fears. On the other hand, nobody knew anything about this dream of mine. Singing for the first time at the casting of Friends and then arriving in the episode with the studio full of people was, for this, a total anxiety ».

Why did no one know about his dream?
“It was such a big and distant thing that it made no sense to say it. I just had to chase it. ‘

The first texts he started writing them at the age of 12. At 14 he decided that they would become music: what clicked?
“Wanting to feel part of something. If I went to someone else and gave my lyrics I was afraid I wouldn’t be taken seriously. I thought that music was the best way to reach more people, they wanted to reach others ».

At 12, what did you write about?
«Of the first emotions I wrote down in a notebook. I started doing it because, when my parents separated, I didn’t feel like talking about it in class: all the other children had their parents together and I was afraid of not being understood. I thought it was better to talk to myself about it. ‘

Do you feel more understood today?
“I feel part of something. When there are people who listen and sing to my music and find themselves in the person I am, it is an immense joy ».

We all want to be part of something: in this sense, going “against the traffic”, for you, what does it mean?
«My whole journey has been in the opposite direction, even to Friends: many said that I would not have made it. At a certain point, however, trying to overcome all the judgments that made me feel bad in the afternoon was necessary to look forward ».

Isn’t it a bit of a paradox that it was more peaceful in the evening than in the afternoon?
“Enough, in fact I am a living paradox. Before the evening I had told myself that, if I managed to enter, I would have the confirmation of the affection and esteem of others towards me and my music. If I look at the course, I can say that I have won over myself ».

From not singing in front of anyone to singing in front of an audience like that of Friends: a nice shock therapy.
“I know, I told you I’m a paradox. But do you know why I signed up for Friends? Because I thought I would never go in there. Attempting would not have taken anything away from me: after the audition, I would have returned to my usual job ».

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“Strong and fragile” is the title of one of his songs: how do you feel today?
«Strong, but able to recognize the importance of frailties: without them what I would sing would not be true».

What frailties do you carry with you today?
«The desire to continue growing and to maintain what I am building. As a person, on the other hand, I get very attached to it, I am a puppy ».

A puppy that many fans like: does the attention embarrass you?
“No, I wanted to make music to find other people who reflected in what I sing and write, and it happened.”

They often tell her it’s nice: has her self-esteem improved?
“Self-esteem is not due to comments, but to myself. If it has increased, it has been due to the awareness that I have acquired in this period ».

He is not vain, then.
“Well, a little bit yes. I spend a lot of time in front of the hair mirror: being a barber, they always want them to be in place ».

She said that she wrote many songs at night thanks to the thoughts that fluttered in her head before going to sleep. Are they still there today?
«Good night, the last song I wrote, is proof that the thoughts are still there. As much as your life may change, the thoughts will always remain. I believe that the fears will always be there, and that’s what I write for ».

On the other hand, where will dreams take you?
“Dreams have no limits, so I don’t want to give them either. I believe that I will never stop dreaming and continue to write and study. That’s what I want to do in life ».

(Opening photo by Fabrizio Cestari)

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