Deforestation: let’s give a cut, yes, but our unsustainable lifestyles

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Today is the World Flora and Wildlife Day, and this year’s main theme is the forest protection.

Some have inhabited this earth for hundreds of years, in total there are more than 300 billion but they do not take up space, they are not intrusive, on the contrary, they help us in the fight against climate change – our fault too! – and without them the Earth would be just another barren stone ball in the universe.

For those who have doubts, we are talking about the plants! Intelligent and extraordinary living beings that, although they literally keep us alive, we instead repay by deciding to break their existence, every day, without feeling the slightest compassion.

Among all the current problems that we can now consider emergencies from an imminent apocalypse, deforestation certainly stands out among the first places of this hallucinating top ten.

Think that in the world, every 3 seconds an area of ​​forest the size of a football field is cleared to the ground.

Uncontaminated nature, expanses of green as far as the eye can see and nature reserves are now pure illusion, an easy target in the march towards total and complete human control.

As we have already said in this article, the presence of greenery on our planet plays a fundamental role in maintaining life and the balances regulated by the biodiversity of species. Plants ensure the right exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide, providing the world with a real respiratory system. When we drink a glass of water, write in a notebook, take medicine or build a house, we don’t always make direct connection with forests, yet these and many other aspects of our life are connected to plants in one way or another. .

Deforestation is one of the most unforgivable things and we all contribute to the destruction, at reckless rates, of natural spaces. Yes, because once again we are all “protagonists” of this mess: our food choices and lifestyles have a heavy impact on the negative balance of habitat devastation. The mad rush to level every single green space in fact has as its main objective the production of wood and to obtain arable land or to be used for breeding.

Do you want to know how much European consumption affects the global deforestation budget? Find out in our gallery.

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