Delete Donald Trump from “Mom, I flew the plane”? Macaulay Culkin says yes


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Fresh from the second impeachment, the second that has ever fallen on the head of an American president, and the removal from all existing social networks and platforms, Donald Trump risks being canceled even retroactively. Driven by the desire to silence the outgoing president in all possible ways, even the most harmless, several users have, in fact, asked for the digital removal of The Donald’s cameo from the film Mom, I flew the plane – I got lost in New York in Chris Columbus.

It is a very brief appearance, now a cult, in which Kevin McCallister, played by Macaulay Culkin, just arrived at the Plaza Hotel, asks the first businessman who passes by, Trump precisely, where the concierge is. Although some consider the measure to be an end in itself and nothing more, the motion meets, in an unexpected way, the support of Culkin himself, who on Twitter supports the idea of ​​eliminating Trump’s appearance from the film.

For the actor, in short, the proposal would seem more than legitimate and certainly would not represent the first case of purging an “uncomfortable” character from a film – think of Kevin Spacey who was completely swept away by All the money in the world leaving Christopher Plummer the burden of re-shooting all his scenes -. According to what the director of Mom, I flew the plane Chris Columbus, it seems that the crew obtained permission to shoot inside the Plaza Hotel on the condition that Trump, at the time owner of the structure, appeared in the film. A little blackmail that Columbus defined as a real episode of bullying and that today takes on an even stronger meaning.

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