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Delirium Bahtseli: With the ‘locking’ of our F-16s by the S-300s, Greece entered our radar

With his pre-election speech, at the offices of the Nationalist Movement Party (MIP) of Turkey, the president of the party, Erdoğan’s government partner and leader of the Gray Wolves, Devlet Bahtceli, used Greece in an aggressive-nationalist cocktail that had the ultimate goal of the president of Kemal Kilicdaroglu’s Kemal Republican People’s Party (CHP).

Beginning his rant, the anti-Hellenic Turkish bigoted nationalist commented: “What a terrible contradiction, Greece’s challenges are not on the CHP’s agenda. The struggle for survival in the Blue Homeland is not on the CHP’s concerns. Of course, Greece staged the abuses it could. is doing to make the glass overflow. The “locking” on the radars of the S-300 air defense system of our warplanes is an example of robbery and indecency that should not go unpunished.”

Continuing Bahtceli added, faithfully copying the line and statements he has the Turkish president has been doing for the last few hours: “another thought-provoking aspect of the matter is that the radar “locking” in question was carried out on our warplanes operating as part of the NATO mission. NATO must act quickly on this hostility. Having locked, Greece , breaking the rules and laws, entered Turkey’s radar and rolled into the strike zone. At this very moment, the statement ‘Turkey is the greatest threat in the Eastern Mediterranean’, expressed in Athens by the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Congress of the USA is arrogance, incompetence and blasphemy'”, commented Bakhtseli and continued with the “poem” that Greece is a pawn in the hands of the USA:

“The main strategic threat lies in the US, which is provoking Greece to turn its weapons into a military base, turn its weapons on Turkey and create a military buildup for this purpose. There is no doubt that Turkey is ready for any eventuality with all the elements of national power. It must be known to all that we will not succumb to any attempt to harm, destroy or weaken our national survival and sovereign rights. The CHP chairman and the shameful alliance must also to clarify their political position and whose side they are on in the face of these developments”, declares Bakhceli, trying here to try to squeeze the leader of the Official Opposition into the dilemma in which the non-Erdogans are trapped and often trap themselves: “With the government and the nation or with the others and traitor?”.

Petros Kranias

Source: Capital

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