Delirium in Turkey over Pserimos: They ‘see’ the island within Turkish territorial waters

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The launch of the opening after 13 years of the school in Pserimos is seen as a “challenge” by a Turkish newspaper that reports that “Greece had gathered troops in Pserimos despite the Treaty of Lausanne”.

Yesterday’s report by the Kemalist nationalist line Sozcu newspaper maintains a “belligerent climate” a month after reports and reports from both Turkey’s official Anadolu news agency and state television channel TRT.

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The publication is entitled “Greece first deployed troops, now opens schools” and refers to the “gathering of Greek troops in Pserimos” in violation of the Treaty of Lausanne, but also to the actions to open the school so that, as a Dodecanese MP has noted, “to strengthen the Greek presence on the islands”.

Delirium in Turkey for Pserimos:

“Pserimos is located within the territorial waters of Turkey” writes the newspaper Sozcu

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Pserimos or otherwise Kapari, belongs to the island complex of the Dodecanese and is located north of Kos and southeast of Kalymnos.

“Greece had massed troops on the island of Pserimos, 8 km from Halicarnassus, despite the Treaty of Lausanne. It now plans to open a school to prevent emigration from the island,” the tourist publication said.

Athens, according to Sozcu, is “establishing itself for good in Pserimos, which is within the territorial waters of Turkey”.

The Sozcu newspaper considers the opening of the school a “challenge”.

“A new provocation is taking place in Pserimos, which is only 8 kilometers, or 4.3 nautical miles, from the Turkish coast of Halicarnassus, where Athens has stationed military troops, despite the fact that there is no declaration that it was transferred to Greece in the agreements of Lausanne in 1923 and Paris in 1947. This time Greece started working to open a school on the island. It was reported that with initiatives undertaken by the Dodecanese MP Manos Konsolas to the Ministry of Education and the Interior he tried together with an increase in population to reopen the island’s only school, which was closed 13 years ago, and received a positive response from the government of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis”.

The school has been closed for 13 years due to lack of students

The newspaper notes that according to the statements of the Dodecanese MP [σ.σ. εκλεγμένου με τη ΝΔ] Manou Konsola “if the school does not open, families will be forced to leave the island, which will lead to a decrease in population. He stated that “It will be a strong message to support life in the small, undeveloped islands of the Aegean. The opening of the school in Pserimos will strengthen the Greek presence on the islands”.

Manos Konsolas has requested through his intervention to the Ministers of Education and Interior, to reopen the school as the facts have changed on the island compared to 13 years ago. At the moment, there is a family on the island with a toddler, who from next year will have to attend school, as well as other younger children who will also have to go to school in the future, reports the local newspaper “Rodiaki”.

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