Delta mutation: There is no significant difference in the viral load of unvaccinated and vaccinated

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There is no significant difference in its viral load Delta mutation of coronavirus between vaccinated and of unvaccinated infected with the virus, nor between the symptomatic and the asymptomatic, according to a new American scientific study.

The researchers, led by Dr. Richard Mitchellmore of the University of California-Davis, who made the relevant pre-publication on medRxiv (not yet a regular publication in a scientific journal), according to Reuters. with coronavirus and of which 632 were asymptomatic. Most were infected with the Delta mutation.

Delta Mutation: What happens to children under 12?

According to the APE-MPE, the study of viral loads of each individual did not find any significant difference in the average viral load of vaccinated and unvaccinated, neither between those with symptoms and without symptoms, nor based on other criteria (age, sex, type vaccine). About one in five (20%) vaccinated coronaviruses were found to have a high viral load and, of these, one in three was asymptomatic. Something like this was observed and in children under 12 years, so they were probably contagious, which, according to the researchers, justifies testing the students.

“Our study does not provide information on transmissibility,” Mitchellmore said, noting that coronavirus transmission is affected by a variety of factors, not just viral load or whether someone has been vaccinated. “However, it is not correct to assume that because he has been vaccinated, he cannot infect himself or others, even if he is asymptomatic,” he added.

As other studies have shown, Covid-19 vaccines reduce the chance of infecting even others with whom a vaccinated person comes in contact, but there is always a chance that the latter will be infected with either the coronavirus (the so-called breakthrough infections) or to transmit it to third parties. For this reason, the researchers reported that, although vaccination is the best protection, given the not insignificant rate of asymptomatic breakthrough infections among those vaccinated, Vaccinated people should probably continue to wear masks in certain areas and take other precautions., something that mainly concerns others who are unvaccinated.

Here you will see the relevant scientific pre-publication.

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