“Demand is very, very high” – Blue Origin sold $ 100 million worth of space tickets on its first day

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Jeff Bezos said Blue Origin has sold hundreds of millions of dollars in tickets for future travel trips to space. Blue Origin officially opened ticket sales on the morning of July 20, before Bezos flew into space, and in his post-flight press conference, Bezos said the company “is already approaching $ 100 million in private sales.”

The demand is very, very high. So we’re going to continue. We will need to build more boosters to fly more often, and we will do that and work on other operational things.


One seat on the New Shepard was sold at the company’s auction in June for $ 28 million. The winner failed to fly and was replaced by Oliver Daemen, an 18-year-old from the Netherlands who became Blue Origin’s first paying customer and the youngest person in space.

Initially, Blue Origin wants to send New Shepard into space 25 to 100 times, as announced by Bezos. He added that after the rocket is able to make 100 flights, the company will increase its target.

Bezos told the media that Blue Origin wants to launch the New Shepard rocket twice more this year.

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