Demi Moore, in Mykonos with her daughter Rumer

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Duties and pleasures. Demi Moore, who flew to Greece to attend a baptism as a godmother, decided to take a few more days to visit the country. Together with the eldest daughter, Rumer Willis, and some friends left Crete and reached Mykonos. Where, thanks to a bikini and stolen shots, did not fail to attract the attention of gossip.

The 58-year-old actress spent a day on the beach, and her photos went around the world. Alongside her thirty-two-year-old daughter, the first she had with Bruce Willis, she didn’t care about the flashes.

Smiling, her eyes covered by dark glasses, she passed from the sunbed to the shoreline, to then reach the sea.

Rumer Willis, who recently retorted to the haters, telling them not to disguise their insults as concern, has always been with her. In yellow bikini. The girl, actress like her mother, seemed serene. And the merit, perhaps, is also of the maternal lesson.

In a recent interview, Rumer Willis explained how Demi Moore taught her to let go of destructive criticism. «She always said to me:“ You could post the most beautiful photo in the world, while you are helping the children or donating your time. Someone will always find a way to rage on you, ”he said.

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