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Democratic congressman suggests Biden candidacy is a “political suicide mission”

Democratic Rep. Ritchie Torres, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, issued a warning to CNN on the potential effect of President Joe Biden’s re-election bid this Wednesday (10).

“If we are going on a political suicide mission, then we should at least be honest about it,” he said.

“There must be a serious reckoning with the voting effect of whoever we nominate,” he stressed in a statement.

The comments marked a sharp shift from Monday, when the New York Democrat said the party’s rift was “self-defeating” and could undermine Biden’s candidacy if he remains the nominee.

They also highlight deep concerns among Democratic members of Congress that Biden’s candidacy could hurt the party’s ability to win the House and hold on to the Senate.

“What matters is not how we feel, but what the numbers tell us,” Torres said Wednesday.

“An unsentimental analysis of cold, hard numbers — which are free from personal feelings or political loyalties — should inform what we decide and who we appoint,” he added.

Torres’ latest comments come after a call between Biden and members of the Black Caucus on Monday night that was aimed at solidifying the president’s support among key Democrats.

Many prominent members of the caucus have staunchly supported Biden as his candidacy is questioned.

Source: CNN Brasil

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