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“Democrats will oust Biden and bring in Michelle Obama – Barack pulls the strings”

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz claimed that Democrats want the Michelle Obama to succeed him Joe Biden the leadership of the party, because her husband Barack Obama allegedly moves the strings.

According to Daily Mail spoke to “Fox & Friends” and stated that “I have long believed that Barack Obama is the person pulling the strings behind Joe Biden.. Joe Biden clearly can’t do it. I think Obama makes the decision».

He then referred to David Axelrodan adviser to the former US president, who criticized Biden’s handling, stating that he does not think he can face Donald Trump.

Specifically, Axelrod, who was chief strategist for Obama’s victorious 2008 and 2012 campaigns, said Trump is a “dangerous, unyielding demagogue whose brazen disregard for rules, laws and institutions or democracy is unacceptable. The stakes here are too dramatic to ignore. Only Joe Biden can make that decision. If he continues to be a candidate, he will be the candidate of the Democratic Party. What he must decide is whether this is wise. If it is in his or the country’s interest.”

Then, he noted that the Michelle Obama is the right person for the succession of Biden, not only because she is Obama’s wife, but also because she doesn’t have as many flaws as Kamala Harriswhich will was an easy target for criticism from opponents her.

Source: News Beast

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