Denise Tantucci shines at the Cannes Film Festival 2021: a star is born

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For one like Denise Tantucci, who at only 15 lived alone dedicating herself to the so-called apprenticeship thanks to successful films and fiction that entered the hearts of millions of spectators, the Montée des Marches del Cannes Film Festival It could very well have seemed like a walk, yet another proof of a talent that over the years has had the opportunity to make itself known and appreciated. At the presentation of Three floors, the film by Nanni Moretti based on the novel of the same name by Eshkol Nevo and the only Italian in competition this year at the Croisette, Denise, who plays the role of Charlotte in the film, presented herself with blond hair, a wonderful dress of iridescent sequins d ‘silver signed Gucci, Bulgari jewels and an enviable smile, capable of overshadowing everything else.

At the customary press conference, wearing a light blue chiffon midi dress from the Gucci Ouverture Collection, Tantucci brought out the smile and determination that has always distinguished her. After leaving her Fano to move first to Rome and then to Milan, Tantucci never stopped: from fiction like A doctor in the family to the success of Red bracelets, who made her known to the general public thanks to the character of Nina, a role for which she was forced to shave her hair to zero – “When I did the first audition I was happy because I had wanted short hair for a lot, but the agency had always advised me against it, “he said in an interview with Vanity Fair a few years ago – Tantucci also pursued another interest: particle physics who studied at the University of Milan.

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«I enjoy living two worlds that are so different and so extremeHe said about his double passion, that of cinema and physics. She has always defined herself as a “careful attention to everything”, but the truth is that she is a young woman who trusts her instincts and acts from the gut. When we asked her, shortly after the scandal of #MeToo, if she ever found herself in unpleasant situations, she replied that there was no need to worry because, if anything like this happened to her, she would “Massacred the punch maker.” Perhaps this is why the thought of one day working with a “thunderstruck madman” like Lars von Trier has always overwhelmed her. In the meantime, however, Cannes was all for her: we had long understood that a star had been born, and it was time they noticed it abroad as well.

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