Denmark: After Queen Elizabeth’s death, Margaret is longest-reigning monarch

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After her death queen elizabeth iithe longest-serving monarch is her 82-year-old 3rd cousin, the queen her Denmark, Margaret II. At the age of 82, she has already been on the throne for 50 years.

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She has stated that Elizabeth was a img of inspiration for her who deeply admired her. “She was 26 when she became queen and I kept thinking I wish I wasn’t so young when my father died.”she said in an interview.

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In fact, Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum Jubilee coincided this year with her golden one. Due to the death of the Queen of the United Kingdom, she decided to stop the celebrations as a sign of respect and mourning.

She is the sister of Anna Maria, the wife of the former King of Greece Constantine, while they also have a sister, Princess Benedict of Denmark.

She was crowned queen in 1972, becoming the first woman to occupy the Danish throne after 600 years of male rule.

A special personality

But in addition to being a monarch, she is a translator, costume designer, illustrator, set designer.

Despite being in her ninth decade, her life remains modern and dynamic. Just a year ago, he was hired as a set designer for a new series of a popular platform.

“I’m not changing my personality. I feel like I’m the exact same person when I wear these clothes and when I wear the crown,” she says.

Her paintings are exhibited very often in Belgium and all over the world, while she has participated as a stage designer in many productions in the country.

“I started studying painting and never stopped. But there was a long period from when I was 17 or 18 until I was almost 30 when I didn’t really think I had enough talent,” he says.

She has also worked as a costume and set designer, and has translated many plays such as Simone de Beauvoir’s All Men Are Mortal.

Apart from her artistic nature, she is also known for her passionate love for smoking.

As for her family relationships, she has admitted that as a mother she had no patience at all and that she is “certainly not the best grandmother in the world”.

Source: News Beast

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