Denmark returns to normalcy: Finally masks and health certificates

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Finally, the masks and the health certificates, the offices are functioning normally, while the concerts are attended by tens of thousands of people. THE Denmark turns a complete page this Friday in terms of restrictions on its suspension covid-19.

“We are ahead of Denmark because we no longer have restrictions, we went to the other side of the pandemic thanks to vaccination,” said Ulrik Orum-Petersen, a Live Nation concert organizer.

On Saturday it organizes a concert with 50,000 spectators, the first to take place in Europe. On September 4, Live Nation hosted a “Back to Life” festival with 15,000 spectators in Copenhagen.

The health pass, which was adopted in March as a condition for the opening of Denmark, from September 1 was mandatory only for entry to nightclubs and from today this obligation is lifted.

“Our goal is free movement (…) what will happen is that the virus will circulate and find those who are not vaccinated,” warned epidemiologist Lone Simmonsen, a professor at Roskilde University.

Denmark has had no difficulty convincing its residents of the benefits of the covid-19 vaccine. The result: 73% of the 5.8 million Danes are now fully immunized and 96% of those over the age of 65.

“Although the virus is no longer a threat to society, it is only thanks to the vaccine,” Simmonsen said.


According to the World Health Organization of Europe, one of the peculiarities of the Nordic country was the relationship confidence between authorities and the population on the strategy followed to deal with the health crisis.

“Like many countries, Denmark has implemented social and public health measures throughout the pandemic to curb the spread, but at the same time it has relied heavily on people and communities to voluntarily follow the government’s recommendations.” pointed out Kathryn Smallwood, responsible for the emergency of the WHO Europe.

With around 500 new cases daily and a prevalence of the virus at 0.7, Danish authorities estimate that the epidemic is under control.


Danish Health Minister Magnus Hoinike assured in late August that the government “will not hesitate to react immediately if the pandemic threatens the basic functions of society again”.

For the authorities, a return to normalcy should be accompanied by strict adherence to patient hygiene and isolation measures.

The WHO believes that the global pandemic situation remains critical and stresses the need for vigilance.

“Every country needs to be vigilant about whether and when the epidemiological situation changes,” Smallwood warned.

The Danish authorities will closely monitor the number of hospitalizations of patients with covid-19, less than 130 at the moment, and will conduct tests to monitor the progress of the epidemic. After all, as of Thursday, the most vulnerable citizens can receive a third, boosting dose of vaccine.

“So far, the coronavirus strains respect the immunity offered by the vaccine, but if other strains that are not covered by the vaccine appear, we will have to reconsider our strategy,” Simmonsen said.

For Christian Nedergaard, a restaurant owner in Copenhagen, as the return to normalcy is celebrated, “the situation remains complicated”.

“Some will quickly forget the coronavirus, but others will not and for the focus it is definitely a period that changed the data. “The industry will have to think about how to become more resilient,” he explained.

In order to enter Denmark you need to present a health pass and / or a negative test, while the use of a mask is mandatory at airports.

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