Deputy Konstantin Bakharev: The fate of cryptocurrencies in Russia will be decided very soon

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Konstantin Bakharev, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on the Financial Market, spoke about the difficulties with the legalization of cryptocurrencies in Russia. Their fate will be decided in the near future, the deputy says.

The main difficulty is that the Bank of Russia and the government have different views on the regulation of cryptocurrencies, lamented Bakharev in an interview with To legalize digital assets in Russia, a compromise must be found. At the same time, in the current conditions, the regulation of cryptocurrencies has become quite an important issue:

“The fact that such a discussion will take place in the near future, that is, during the spring session, I have no doubts. Because we can’t put it off any longer. The task is to find solutions that will meet our interests, the main thing is to protect investors who will invest in cryptocurrencies, and at the same time make the market regulated by the state.”

Bakharev recalled that a special working group has been formed in the State Duma, which, together with representatives of the government, the Central Bank and the cryptocurrency community, is developing those regulatory procedures that correspond to Russian specifics and will take into account world practice. The parliamentarian recalled that there are a variety of approaches to the regulation of crypto assets in the world: from a complete ban to full legalization.

Recall that, according to the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, the legalization of cryptocurrencies in Russia is only a matter of time.

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