Derek Sauvin: Who is his “hot” ex-wife who divorced him 3 days after Floyd’s murder

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His ex-wife convicted police officer for the death of George Floyd was a beauty queen who divorced him 3 days after the murder of the African American.

Kellie May Xiong Chauvin, who was crowned Miss Minnesota in 2019, divorced Derek Sauvin on May 28, 2020, just three days after the fatal incident, for which she was convicted on Tuesday.

Her lawyer had stated that Kellie was “devastated” by the fatal incident that caused Floyd to die, expressing its condolences to the family of the unfortunate African-American.

In settling their property, the judge gave Kellie the largest amount of compensation for the couple’s two vandalized homes, as well as $ 704,000 in cash. Sauvin was left with the remaining $ 420,000.

Who is Kellie May?

Born in Laos in 1974, Kellie moved with her family to Thailand three years after she was born as a refugee. The family arrived in Wisconsin, USA in 1980.

However, she stated in an interview that they continued to live as refugees: “They call it the ‘land of freedom’, but I still feel that we are not free,” she said in 2018, “we did not know English. “Our parents would not let us leave the house because they did not trust people.”

Her parents arranged a neighborhood when she was 17 and married her. Kellie had two children from her marriage, which ended 10 years later, with accusations from her for domestic violence.

The 27-year-old then moved to Minnesota and studied, finding work in a hospital. There she met her second husband, at the same hospital where his death would be confirmed years later. George Floyd.

Officer Derek Sauvin saw her one day when she brought a suspect to the hospital and asked her to leave. “Beneath this outfit, hides a tender man,” she had said of her husband in 2018, “he is so kind. He always opens the door for me, he always wears my coat “.

The couple did not have children.

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