Despite Anvisa’s recommendation, Angola’s flight arrives this Friday in SP

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Despite Anvisa’s recommendation to close the air border to Angola, a flight departing from Luanda, the country’s capital, has an estimated landing at Guarulhos airport at 1:30 am this Friday, with 300 passengers.

The information has been confirmed to CNN by the Angolan Embassy in Brasília and by the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac), which informed that another eight similar flights should land in Brazil by December 31 (see table below).

Thus, passengers will board only with the current requirements: negative Covid-19 test and traveler’s health declaration, information considered by the health authorities to be insufficient to prevent Ômicron from entering and spreading across the country. The assessment is that it would be necessary to avoid at least the entry of non-vaccinated people, since this segment of people has greater transmission power.

For health authorities, there is indeed a health risk when these passengers enter the country due to the Ômicron variant of the new coronavirus, as countries have a low rate of vaccinated people and little control of their borders.

They also claim that despite Angola not having confirmed cases of infected by the new variant, there is an intense flow of people with countries that already have community transmission, which increases the risk of contagion. Angola’s neighbors are Congo, Zambia and Namibia.

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Anvisa’s recommendation that the country’s air border be closed to Angola and three other countries (Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia) was made on Saturday after the government agreed to close to six African countries (South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho , Namibia and Zimbabwe).

The government, however, has not taken a decision on the recommendation. At the meeting held this Tuesday night at the Planalto Palace with representatives of Anvisa and representatives of the Civil House and the Ministries of Infrastructure, Health and Foreign Affairs, the Executive asked for more information so that a decision could be taken.

Government sources claim that Anvisa’s recommendation was not substantiated and that Health presented data that the variant did not reach Angola, that data in the country are stable as well as in the other three countries, which would have been corroborated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to from information provided by the respective embassies.

As Anvisa maintained the recommendation, it was agreed that it would present more data to support its decision.

The postponement of the decision will allow the flight to take off from Angola and arrive in Brazil. This trip is important for the Angolan community as it is the inaugural flight of a regular line between the two countries. Before, there were only sporadic flights to Brazil.

There were intermediations by the Angolan diplomacy with Itamaraty so that the air border was not closed. The relationship between the two countries is intense both for economic reasons, there are many Brazilian companies operating in Angola, as well as religious, considering there are many evangelicals in the country.

Wanted, both the Civil House and the Ministry of Health said they did not take a stand against the measure, but that they await more data from Anvisa so that a decision of this size is substantiated. Anvisa informed that it maintains the need to restrict flights from the four countries.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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