Deutsche Bank warns of bubble in carbon markets

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Deutsche Bank warned of a possible bubble in carbon markets, while the Bank of Singapore called for more attention to corporate governance, at the Bloomberg Asia Wealth Summit.

In particular, as Bloomberg reported, when asked about potential ESG bubbles, Deutsche Bank’s Asia-Pacific ESG director Kalpana Seethepalli said carbon markets stand out, although she noted that the risk of a bubble is generally reduced as they comply. with the rules more and more companies.

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“The next ESG bubble may come from carbon markets, which are very, very important,” Ms Seethepalli told the conference today.

She added that “you hear a lot about this in the race to zero carbon.”

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For her part, Bank of Singapore chief Jean Chia stressed that corporate governance concerns in companies should not be underestimated.

“As Asian investors, we have to really pay attention to this risk because we’ve seen for example how it can really affect our performance,” Chia said.

The BOS CEO does see opportunities for decarbonizing technologies in the ESG space, though, even if some of the most promising bets involve early-stage private companies.

“Some of these opportunities may be difficult to seize. But the point is that the urgency of the matter outweighs it,” he said.

Source: Capital

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