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Deva Cassel and Monica Bellucci: together, for the first time, on the cover of Vogue Italia

The new issue of Vogue Italy, on newsstands from 6 July, is dedicated to sixteen year olds: what they want, what they think, how to know and understand them. On the cover, the very young Deva Cassel portrayed for the first time with her mother, the actress Monica Bellucci.

In fact, Monica Bellucci and her eldest daughter Deva are world exclusive for Vogue Italia (born on 12 September 2004 from the union with actor Vincent Cassel) posed together for the first time. Indeed – as Monica tells in the portrait signed by Raffaele Panizza accompanying the photographs – in a certain sense for the “second”: “I asked my daughter why she wanted this shoot together, and she gave me a wonderful answer:” because the last time they photographed us together I was in the your belly (to immortalize Monica in the seventh month was Fabrizio Ferri, n.

dr). Now that I’m starting my journey, mum, I want it to happen again ”».

Firmata da Paolo Roversi, this is Monica Bellucci’s first cover for Vogue Italia, portrayed several times in the newspaper but never on the cover. For the occasion, the actress has chosen to leave the shot in the foreground to her daughter, appearing only in profile and in a secluded position. «The gesture of stepping aside and leaving the spotlight to Deva was Monica herself. Let’s acknowledge it: making room for those who come after (a daughter, a successor) is not something we are used to seeing often “, writes in his editorial the director Emanuele Farneti.

Roversi, the photographer of divas and tops, says of Deva: «I felt the same emotion I felt in front of Natalia Vodianova and Kate Moss. The emotion in the presence of pure beauty“. His mother, the diva of Italian cinema, however, holds back: «When she plays the game of fashion Deva has fun and a part of her expresses herself. The fact that she sets foot in the world of adults, while attending school that brings her back to reality, is giving her balance and security ».

“You and I don’t have fights, ever. I am a sweet mother, I always try to take it from the direction of the fur »continues Bellucci, who adds that in communicating with his daughter, born in Rome, only the Italian language is used. And to draw inspiration from the writer and philosopher Elisabeth Badinter: «When asked what it means to be a good mother, I heard her answer like this: do not tremble at the difficulties of your children. I agree”. “She is like that, she has always been free, she has taken planes by herself since she was 13 and speaks five languages. Have you seen how she looks? He is not afraid of anything ».

Deva Cassel opens an issue entirely dedicated to her age, sixteen: perhaps the age group most affected by the limitations imposed by the lockdown, it is also an exceptional observation point on the evolution of customs and consumption. “We tried to deal with what is alive and what is dead in the Sweet Sixteen myth, because idealism has to acknowledge that reality today is hard. We offered pages to write to those who really are sixteen years old, we talked about the clichés of which this age is victim and executioner, about the relationship with mothers, about the mirage of childhood that confronts adulthood, and especially about beauty of a new generation perhaps for the first time authentically global »writes Emanuele Farneti.

Within the issue, in addition to inquiries and author’s stories, the interviews with Charli D’Amelio, who with over 100 million followers is the queen of TikTok, a Martin Marsai, Hollywood’s youngest executive producer, ea Ludovica Gentilini, 16-year-old Italian transgender. A panel of sixteen-year-old Italians then had the opportunity to interview a series of reference figures from the fashion industry for the magazine, including the top Vittoria Ceretti, the creative director of Swarovski Giovanna Engelberg, the stylist of GCDS Giuliano Calza and the digital entrepreneur Riccardo Pozzoli.

The brand closes the first half with growth due to digital acceleration, digital growth in the first half is in fact equal to + 120% vs 2020, events thanks to virtual event activities and rich entertainment schedules have contributed positively to revenues of the brand.

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