Dexter, 10 episodes to be recovered before the New Blood revival

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Michael C. Hall back in the bloody shoes ofTV’s most notorious forensic hematologist, to find out what happened to Dexter Morgan in Dexter – New Blood. The revival of the cult series from today on Sky e NOW, three days after its debut on the US channel Showtime. Conceived as a sequel to the original series, Dexter – New Blood will resume the story of the protagonist eight years after the controversial finale.

Today, Dexter Morgan is hiding in the small town of Iron Lake, New York, under the alias of Jim Lindsay: a seller of Fred’s Fish & Game. He is in a relationship with Angela Bishop, the police chief, and has repressed his killer instincts, but a series of shocking events will cause him to rejoin the dark side.

On the air for 8 brutal seasons (from 2006 to 2013), the «mother» series is based on the novel The left hand of God di Jeff Lindsay. The story revolves around Dexter’s double life: Miami forensics technician by day and ruthless “serial killer” by night. Role that earned Michael C. Hall a Golden Globe. Over the course of the eight seasons, our anti-hero has committed 117 murders: about 15-20% of those that actually occurred in Miami, during the period of the airing of the series.

Eight seasons and 96 episodes are far too many to catch up for anyone who has never seen Dexter and is intrigued by the revival. That’s why we suggest 10 fundamental episodes to recover (on Sky e NOW), prior to the sequel.


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