‘Dexter: New Blood’ already has its first preview and this version will be more interesting

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The updated version of Dexter it’s finally yet to come and loyal fans of the infamous serial killer played by Michael C. Hall will be more than satisfied with the first preview of Dexter: New Blood published by Paramount Plus.

With the classic song The Passenger With Iggy Pop in the background, this first trailer shows us what Dexter Morgan has been up to since he escaped to the more rural side of New York, in a small community where he has been living a more or less normal life under a false identity.

On the outside, everything seems to be in order, we can even see a new character, Angela Bishop, played by Julia Jones, a police chief with whom Dexter has a relationship, giving him the opportunity to find love after all the damage that has suffered.

But everything begins to get complicated when some citizens of Iron Lake, the small town where he lives, begin to disappear, awakening in Dexter that sinister side that he had cost so many years to hide. It is a matter of time until you realize that you cannot escape your past forever.

The most shocking thing about the video is that we will finally see Harrison, Dexter’s lost son, who now returns as a teenager played by Jack Alcott. In addition, we will see Jennifer Carpenter playing Debra Morgan once again, as well as John Lithgow as the murderer Trinity Killer.

Will the return of all these characters force Dexter to face his demons and confess his past? With 10 chapters of almost an hour, Dexter: New Blood It will arrive exclusively on Paramount Plus on November 7.

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